TeamUP Adult Cycling

All of us at The United Paralysis Foundation are proud to be a part of the annual North Shore century bike ride. Each year over a 1000 cyclists take part in a ride that is good for the family and the serious cyclist. There is a ride for everyone. With bike rides ranging from 25 to 100 miles, it is possible for a wide variety of cyclists to participate and raise money to help cure paralysis.

Event Date, Times and Details

  • Date:   September 2015

One Great Day, Many Ride Choices

Short Cycling Route – 25 Miles: Families and beginner cyclers will be interested in THE QUARTER CENTURY. A 25-mile ride for those who want a leisurely day out on your bike and an opportunity to see some of the most architecturally impressive homes around Chicago’s north shore neighborhoods. Just relax, ride at your own pace and enjoy this scenic Chicago cycling route to its fullest for a great cause.

Medium Cycling Routes – 50 to 62 Miles: Intermediate riders and cycling enthusiasts have the option of cycling THE METRIC CENTURY (a 62 mile route that winds its way through quiet rural streets, picturesque towns, past handsome homes, parks and village greens) or THE HALF CENTURY (our most popular ride!) is a 50-mile ride through beautiful Lake Forest and Evanston, riding past mansions on Sheridan Road.

Long Distance Rides – 70 to 100 Miles: Long distance cyclist will want to ride THE CLASSIC CENTURY. This 100-mile ride is what the North Shore Century is famous for. Starting in Evanston and stretching into Kenosha, WI and back. You’ll cycle through some of the most elegant communities in Illinois. A 70-mile shortcut is available for those individuals that do not quite want to ride the full 100 miles. Same route, less miles.

Register to Cycle for Team UP

You must pre-register if you would like to ride for the United Paralysis Foundation as part of the Team UP Chicago effort.  To register please visit our Cycle for UPF TeamUP page and fill out the registration form.  You will receive confirmation and additional event details once your registration is received and processed.

Check-In Times

Check-in will begin at 6:00 am on the day of the ride.  Century, Diamond Century (70 miles), and Metric-Century (62 miles, 100 km) riders must check-in by 9:00 am. All others may check-in until 11:00 am.  Bagels and coffee will be available at no charge at the registration area before you begin your ride.

No Start Time – Ride When Ready

There is no fixed start time.  You may begin your ride as soon as you have finished the check-in process. The check-in facility is fully equipped with restrooms, telephones, picnic tables, and shelter.

Bicycle and Equipment Requirements

All cyclists should bring a bike in good condition with spare tube, basic tools, and rudimentary knowledge of repairs. Bike mechanics from local bike shops will be available at the registration area to give your bike a safety check before you begin your ride.

Flat Tires and Bike Repairs

There will be local bike shop mechanics at the start and throughout the route as well as rest stop provide minor repairs and support.  Organizers also provide road monitors (on bikes) sweeping the route all day and also Sag wagons in case of emergencies.

Frequent Rest Stops

There will be rest stops (stocked with free, nourishing snacks and drinks, every 15 to 18 miles) one on the 25-mile route, two rest stops on the 50-mile route, three rest stops on the 62-mile and 75-mile routes, and five rest stops on the century route, not including the start/finish area.

Ride Wrap-Up

Finally all riders must be off the course by 6:00 pm. Thank you for participating in the first Team UP cycling event. We look forward to seeing you in September, as we help fund the cure.

Map of Ride Kick-off


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