Mission: Cure Paralysis

The foundation's primary goal is to enable and fund researchers to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injuries.  The foundation believes this debilitating & life-threatening condition can be cured within our lifetime if funding and research structure is applied strategically towards this goal.

Step 1 - Raise Awareness

The first step is to raise awareness as to what this condition does to peoples' lives, their families, financial situation and how it affects society and the economy as a whole.  We will also work to bring awareness as to how large the population currently being affected by SCI's really is to the general public.  Because of the nature of SCI's and the deep physical and psychological impact it has on individuals and families, it is rare to see affected individuals out and about.  Most paraplegics and quadriplegics have a hard time getting out of bed and ready every morning.  For many of these individuals, the act of getting up and in the shower is a complicated endeavor that can take several hours and in most cases require the assistance of a care taker.  Most SCI victims avoid or cannot be out in public for physical and/or psychological reasons.  The nature of SCI's and how it affects individuals causes the public not know know the true depth of the problem .  There are literally millions of individuals living quiet lives of desperation because of SCI's. They live in every community and belong to every social and economical background.

Step 2 - Implement Outreach Programs to Fund SCI Research

The next step in the Foundation's charter is to raise a significant amount of funds to be used towards goal-based research to find a viable cure for the condition.  Our goal is to raise 100 Million Dollars.  We will achieve this by creating economic vehicles to enable individuals to donate assets as tax deductions or simple contributions to the cause.  One way this goal is achieved is through the yearly TeamUP bicycling event, where people volunteer to bike for donations to the cause. The foundation will also create the mechanism to sell the donated assets to the general public in order to generate the funds.  An example of the type of programs we are looking to implement is the Kars4kids program developed to enable the public to donate their unwanted vehicles and the proceeds go to a charity while they can write their car off as a deduction.  This program is an example and not one of the actual programs United Paralysis Foundation is looking to implement.

Step 3 - Attract Top Scientists and Guide SCI Cure Research

As previously stated, the primary focus of the foundation is to seek and fund aggressive researchers whose only goal is to achieve viable patient treatments for those with chronic spinal cord injuries. The foundation will employ the use of the ARC research model, currently in use by the Myelin Repair Foundation and being deployed by thousands of other advanced research organizations including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research foundation. The ARC research model allows for collaborative research across institutions and enables rapid time to market for life changing treatments.

Please join the United Paralysis Foundation in fighting for making Spinal Cord Injuries a temporary curable condition. Your support enables scientists to research and find the much needed cures and treatments for SCI's.

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