United Paralysis Foundation

The  United Paralysis Foundation's primary mission is to fund aggressive research aimed at finding a cure for chronic spinal cord injuries (SCI).  We want our children to inherit a Spinal Cord Injury free world.

Beneficiaries of UPF's Efforts

Any person regardless of age (children, adults and elders), gender, social background, ethnicity, or political affiliation suffering from a spinal cord injury and their family, friends and associates.

SCI is a Devastating Condition

Individual of all ages, gender, social background and ethnicity can be affected by SCI's.  SCI's are typically a result of accidents, victims of violence, genetic conditions, immune diseases, etc.

According to a study initiated by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, there are there are 6 Million individuals living with SCI's.  That is nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis. That’s the same number of people as the combined populations of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Research Methodology

As previously stated, one of the primary focuses of the foundation is to seek and fund aggressive researchers whose only goal is to achieve viable treatments for those with chronic spinal cord injuries.  The foundation will employ the use of the ARC research model, currently in use by the Myelin Repair Foundation and being deployed by thousands of other advanced research organizations including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research foundation.  The ARC research model allows for collaborative research across institutions and enables rapid time to market for life changing treatments.

How Will the Foundation Raise Funds

The foundation will focus on creating sustainable economic vehicles that provide a service while raising funds to be utilized towards the outlined cause.  In other words, the foundation will not rely on traditional fundraising strategies but focus on creating businesses that deliver real products and/or services while generating funds (profits) to be used by the foundation to fund research and cures for SCI.

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